Hi. My name is Greg Stolze, this is my web page, and I write books.

New Look, New Book


Hi there. Some of you may have noticed the web site’s new look. Some of you may have noticed the glorious image of a burly man engaged in some vigorous ghost-kicking. (It’s by Pat Loboyko!) I’ll deal with both.

The new look is the result of a long-overdue overhaul, courtesy of https://skookummonkey.com/. If you’re looking for someone to patiently and expertly turn your half-baked notions into full-grown online presence, I can recommend no one more highly.

As for the Loboyko art, I’m more selfishly excited about that, as it’s the cover of my next book, The Forgotten Monk. I could tell you all about its myriad plot twists involving amnesia, the Deadly Arts, crime solving and beard tonics, but it’s probably more efficient to just suggest you click that link and listen to the pitch on Kickstarter. (Yes, of course it’s a Kickstarter. We’ve already hit our goal, but the stretch goals are stretching.)

While things look different, rest assured that most of what you expect is still here. I did get rid of the forums, however. They were not terribly stable and not terribly active, so if you want to get hold of me, Twitter is a better bet. I hold forth there as @gregstolze.

Here’s to a new year, and hopefully to me being more responsible about updates!


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