Hi. My name is Greg Stolze, this is my web page, and I write books.


Hey, guess what? I’m doing it again!

By the “it” I’m “doing again,” of course, I mean I’m crowdfunding a book. It’s a collection of short stories entitled Thank You For Screaming and if you click that link, you can see its shiny new Kickstarter page. Many of these pieces (eight of them, to be specific) are available right here on my fiction page, but as it says in the Kickstarter video, most are from far afield. Some are in small, out-of-print literary journals and others are from a variety of anthologies.

The goals on my side of this project are twofold. First, I want to collect some loose stories and have them available for people to enjoy in a printed format: I want to make a little money and have something sharp to put on my shelf. Second, this is a test case for a way to self-publish novels without going through the hassle and expense of fulfilling all the orders. So partly, I’m doing this as a proof of concept without having to gamble with a brand-new novel.

But maybe you’re not all that interested in my motivations. Why should you be? In my experience, most people drop money on Kickstarters because of what it gets for them. So I’m highly motivated to make this a great deal for you. Buy into Thank You For Screaming and here’s what you get:

  • A brand new mythos story. (Oh, did I bury the lede there?) Yeah, I’ve written a 7,500 word short story inspired, in equal parts, by H.P. Lovecraft and Doctor Who. Do you want to read that? Back the project, even at five dollars and make it happen.
  • A spiffy print volume. Some people just like to read solid books where they can dogear pages and write in the margins. Some people like to be able to lend a tangible object or give it as a gift or have it available without having to worry about draining a battery. I’m one of them. If you back at ten bucks or more, you not only get the eBook version, you get a code redeemable to have the book shipped and printed to you at cost. (I realize this is a little awkward, but the absolute cheapest way for me to put the book in your hands without taking a loss on it is doing it this way. If I got a bunch of books printed and shipped to me and then shipped them to you, I’d have to pay twice to move them around the country, and those costs would get passed on to you. This way is cheaper and, more than that, quicker because they only take one journey.)
  • Art stuff. I’m also offering some shiny spiffy artworks at higher levels, a fun blue Schröedinger’s Cat patch and an up-funked, unique linocut print of the cover hand rolled and pressed by yours truly. I’ll be posting images of those as I get more of them made, but you can see a few at my Deviantart page.
  • A lot of writing. I don’t have the layout back yet, but it was a little over 200 pages or, if you prefer word count, over 102,000 words. It’s got SF about a robot desperate to find its feet, it has Mythos stories that may or may not involve a certain American paramilitary organization, the threat of a clone with a sphincter for a face, miscellaneous murders, an epic eating contest, a certain amount of smut, and one piece of nonfiction about the closest I have ever come to dying.

It’s a good book, and I hope you’re interested enough to back it, or at least check it out. Thanks!