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Another Fiction Kickstarter Succeeds!

Always a cause for rejoicing in the Stolze household. This one was for science fiction, so brace yourself for a string of links, OK? Are you braced? You are? All right.

First off, there’s First Contact, which is what it sounds like, a story of people meeting aliens for the first time. In this case, it’s being remembered through a haze of nostalgia and home-made booze.

First Contact shares a loose setting with the second story, FAILWORLDS, which is about an Earth woman cheerfully examining the tomb-worlds of dead sentient civilizations in an attempt to gain greater understanding about the courses of developing cultures and, also, get viewers for her reality TV show.

If you liked either story, or both, they’re based on the setting for TERMINATION SHOCK, which is currently an actual-play podcast and should, some time in the foreseeable future, be a published game. You can click here for the collected episodes. (The recording quality improves after the first few.)