Hi. My name is Greg Stolze, this is my web page, and I write books.


Yep. I’m back on it, crowdfunding the opportunity to put more free fiction on this very web page. (Specifically, the good ol’ fiction library.)
The project’s called ASSORTED DISASTERS and I launched it yesterday. As of today, thanks to the Unknown Armies bump, the first of five stories is funded! It’s a political horror story. It’s quite mean.
The question, now, is whether people want the other four stories that are still in the chamber as stretch goals. Hopefully, people do. Here’s what’s coming.

Wednesday Night Drugs Club — It’s an Unknown Armies short story, though at 13,000 words that “short” should probably be in scare quotes. You can read the first eight pages of it and see if you want more.

One Day There Were Spider Mouths — If you enjoyed surreal experiences like PATIENCE and The Sex Factory, you might be interested in this study of a society in the throes of chelicera-related upheaval.

The Final Process Log of Killbot 822621 — It’s in the TERMINATION SHOCK setting like Failworlds, and it explains why the robots of Mars were so creepily obsessed with exterminating humankind.

AD HOC — It’s Cthulhu mythos, but in space.

Hopefully something on that menu piques your interest. Please check out ASSORTED DISASTERS and, even if you can’t back it, spread the word. Thanks!