Hi. My name is Greg Stolze, this is my web page, and I write books.

Updates As We Move Through History

I’m posting an update to keep all you interested parties informed about two aspects of my life. One is my private citizen health and wellbeing, and the other is the game-and-fiction production that is the anchor and raison d’etre for this whole site.

The Stolzes’ Personal Lives

I am safe, my family is safe, everyone seems healthy and asymptomatic. We’re very fortunate.

Greg’s Gaming Stuff

Here’s news, and it’s pretty good news.


I have a Kickstarter going to fund a series of Actual Play podcasts of me and assorted game and fiction voices playing my new game MILLION DOLLAR SOULMATE. As explained in the last update, it’s about romantic ambiguity and you could buy the PDF right now… or, you could pledge its price at the Kickstarter, get the game, and simultaneously underwrite me playing it with Monica Valentinelli, Karen Bovenmeyer, and other exciting guests! Click on through, check it out. If nothing else, there’s links to the two free podcasts I’ve already made

2) The One-Roll-Engine Is On Discord

Like so much of gaming, it started when someone online said “Hey, why not _______?” and others replied “Why not indeed?” In this case, that blank was “Why not make a Discord where people can talk about ORE games?” I’m on it, it’s open to anyone who isn’t immediately obvious as a disruptive influence (so, sorry “CheapC1alis4U”). Contact me through the email link at the side and ask me to put you on, I’ll do it.


Did you back the TERMINATION SHOCK Kickstarter? If not, it may be news to you that several other creators and I formed a new company, Crankshaft Constellation, to support ‘SHOCK and other projects with world-shaking artistic merit and whatnot. You can get TERMINATION SHOCK in a couple different formats right now, and we’ve also put up a Patreon to support our ongoing Actual Play podcasts, as well as the release of supplemental material.

So, all told, that’s what I have going on right now. Here’s hoping you’re all safe and well.