Hi. My name is Greg Stolze, this is my web page, and I write books.

Let’s Hear What the Psychic Assassin Has to Say

Hey readers, I’m back on my fiction thing again. Why? Because y’all keep making it so rewarding! What I have for you today is called I Am A Psychic Assassin For the US Army.

If you’re an old hand at how I handle fiction, just click on that link and see if you’re interested. If you’re a newcomer to my web page, my fiction library, or me–hey, welcome! The way I’ve been working it is, I ask for a collective sum from everyone online and, if I get my goal, I put up a story for everyone, under a Creative Commons license.

I Am A Psychic Assassin has, as of right now, hit its goal! That means the story, 8,000 words long, is eventually bound for the fiction library here.

But wait, there’s more!

If my funding hits $1500, I’ll record a podcast of me reading the whole long thing. (I recently did this for another story, After the Cops.) Right now, we’re less than fifty bucks from unlocking that podcast for every backer. So you could back at a low level and get the podcast. (There’s other cool stuff you can get backing for more money, but to learn about that, you’ll have to click through to the project.)

Check it out, read some of the fiction here if you’re undecided and want a sample size to determine quality, but don’t take too long. The project winds down on September 23d!