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Unknown Armies: Thunderhead Mesa

Hey, have you heard Thunderhead Mesa? If not, let me back up. Have you heard of Thunderhead Mesa? No? OK, there’s this podcast called Red Moon Roleplaying that does actual plays, but then edits them down so they sound more like audio drama. It’s an fascinating fusion of forms, and they invited me to run Unknown Armies for them.

The first episode is up now.

Now, before you hop on, let me put up a note about the content. The premise of Thunderhead Mesa is that a young woman loses several days after being struck by lightning, and as she tries to retrace her steps, she learns that (1) she’s not the first person to experience this and (2) a fair amount of sexual stuff happened.

If issues of sex without consent are a stumbling block to your enjoyment of media, hey, I get it. I think we handled it very maturely and with sensitivity, especially since it all happens before the narration commences, but I just want to give a heads-up. Everyone else, I hope you enjoy it! Certainly the players and I did!