Hi. My name is Greg Stolze, this is my web page, and I write books.

Arts of Earth

Y’all know I love a first contact story, right? I feel a particular fondness for the bobblehead aliens in this story. They’re not creepy. Really, they’re not!

In other news, I’m getting ready to do another game Kickstarter. It’s been a while, right? It’s more TERMINATION SHOCK stuff, and if you’re not familiar with it, this is a great time to get on board. It’s a SF game of wild freedom and (like ARTS OF EARTH) dealing with aliens when you’re not 100% sure what their deal is. The Kickstarter’s coming soon. If you want to get an alert when it all kicks off, just click here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/crankshaft/ships-a-supplement-on-spacecraft-for-termination-shock .

ARTS OF EARTH originally appeared a whole year ago on my Patreon, so if you want to see my stuff early, you can do so for as little as five dollars a month. Or you can just wait a whole year for the next twelve stories I’ve written. Your choice.