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“Freckles” and Some Good Game News!

First up, there’s a new story in the ol’ fiction library, and it’s some nasty crime stuff. So, the content warning for Freckles is, there’s torture, murder, and allusions to sexual crimes. If you want to skip out, it’s understandable, but all that darkness is in service of a story about corrupted justice systems and people who’ve had enough, which seems unfortunately relevant these days.

The other good news is, my next book for Termination Shock hit its funding goal on Kickstarter. it’s called Ships: How to Build and Blast Them and you can read all about it here. True confession here: There are only a couple days left on the project as I write this, and if I was better at marketing I would have announced it here earlier. But if you miss the funding, it’s coming up on Itch.io and DriveThru presently, and when it’s for sale I shall certainly promote it.

Other than that, I’ve got a new story up on the Patreon. You could wait a year and read it here for free, but this one’s actually kind of close to my heart. So if you sign up, for this month at least, you can read Granddad’s Mystery House.