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How Do You Like Revisionist Mythos Horror?

Some time ago, in the really bleak depths of COVID lockdown, a friend and editor tried to assemble a set of stories set in the HPL Cthulhu Mythos setting (or something like it) but with a hopeful and humanist vibe. When he approached me about it, my first thought was, “There’s no way to thread that needle,” but ultimately I came up with something that was only 90% hopeless, and its title is Chthon, Mold-Mother, and the Sky People. If you want the story of a shell-shocked lesbian and her ex-cop lover escorting a cultist across a post-apocalyptic cosmic horror America, this is the tale for you. It’s quite a bit like Ad Hoc in tone, if you remember that one.

Now, if you’re wondering how I can give away quality fiction of this length absolutely free, the answer is–it got paid for a year ago by the fine folks backing my Patreon. That’s right, if you back it for just five dollars a month, you can read these stories a year before they go free! Moreover, if you back at the ten dollar level, you get access to the archive of the last twelve months of stories. Right now, that means two short stories based on Unknown Armies, a teaser chapter from my not-even-announced-yet science fiction novel, surreal horror, occult horror, mythological horror, brand new stuff, stuff I wrote a decade ago but reworked, and a couple pieces of gnarly crime fiction. Think it over.

When I’m done here, I’m off to update the Patreon with SF about the dark, dystopian future of elder care. Never a dull moment!