Hi. My name is Greg Stolze, this is my web page, and I write books.

I DREAM OF INSOMNIA is now live!

That’s right! The long awaited anthology of nineteen of my short works is now on Kickstarter and you can pledge for it at this very instant!


Now, if you’re a longtime Stolze fan and follower, a lot of the work on that table of contents is going to look familiar, but this is your chance to get it in a bound, printed volume to look pretty on your self. Moreover, if there are gaps in your collection, this is your chance to fill it out on the cheap. Almost all my self-published work is available as add-ons for this project, so getting it through pledging counts that money towards the goal in a way that just purchasing it straight out doesn’t. But if that doesn’t persuade you, consider that the prices through the Kickstarter are lower. So you save money two ways, if that even seems possible in this crazy economy.

On top of all that, I’m using this as an opportunity to try, once again, to get the novella Ninki out online for everyone. If you’re interested and curious, here’s the link to the teaser.

But of course, we can’t hit the stretch goal if we don’t make the base, and we can’t make the base without more pledges. I only set this for two weeks, because in my experience more time doesn’t help much… so act now!