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Unknown Armies: Thunderhead Mesa

Unknown Armies: Thunderhead Mesa

Hey, have you heard Thunderhead Mesa? If not, let me back up. Have you heard of Thunderhead Mesa? No? OK, there’s this podcast called Red Moon Roleplaying that does actual plays, but then edits them down so they sound more like audio drama. It’s an fascinating fusion of forms, and they invited me to run…Read More

Ludonarrative Dissidents

Ludonarrative Dissidents

Hey, wanna hear me, a charmingly systems-promiscuous GM and a British guy talk about games? If you do, click here now. If you want to know more, read on. It’s OK. You’ll have another chance to click that link. A few months back, Twitter was talking about Old Gods of Appalachia and how to turn…Read More

Free Stuff

Mayfield “The Earth” Baines

Vampire character for the New World of Darkness

Berliner Characters

The PCs for “The Dangers of Fraternization”

The Dangers of Fraternization

A scenario for “A Dirty World” set in partition-era Berlin

How to Play Roleplaying Games
How to Run Roleplaying Games
Meatbot Massacre: Accessories

Some nifty accessories for Meatbot Massacre, including a printable hex map, fold-up paper minis, and preformatted data sheets to keep track of your meatbot’s stats.

Meatbot Massacre

The game that started all this ransom model craziness is still ripe with beefy mayhem.

Executive Decision

Like power? Hate responsibility? Executive Decision is the real-time RPG where you and other cabinet members pursue your own agendas in competition for the Commander-in-Chief’s trust.

Revenge is a dish best served… in Spaaace!

Demo for …in Spaaace!

Shades Of Gray

A free adventure for my Film Noir game A Dirty World. It has drugs, thwarted love, illegitimacy and murder. Standard hard-boiled stuff, really

…in Spaaace!

The exclusively-pdf narrative game of silly sods in starships is, I generally find, rum-soaked.

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