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REIGN expands the frontiers of fantasy gaming by elevating the action to an international stage. Monarchs, mercenaries and merchant princes gamble armies and fortunes to win nations in a rich and vibrant fantasy setting.REIGN’s simple but complete rules model the triumphs and disasters of societies as small as a village or as large as a realm-spanning religion.

With REIGN, your characters can defend threatened nations, bring prosperity to desperate provinces, make laws and perpetuate justice… or, if you prefer, loot conquer and pillage on a vast and awesome scale.


Updates As We Move Through History

Updates As We Move Through History

I’m posting an update to keep all you interested parties informed about two aspects of my life. One is my private citizen health and wellbeing, and the other is the game-and-fiction production that is the anchor and raison d’etre for this whole site. The Stolzes’ Personal Lives I am safe, my family is safe, everyone…Read More

REIGN 2ed Is Happening!

REIGN 2ed Is Happening!

After much effort and delay, we finally have the Kickstarter running for the second edition of REIGN! With the business and layout powerhouse that is Atomic Overmind Press, we’re releasing a cleaned-up, full color, gorgeous version of my original game about lords and leaders in fantasy settings, and we are off to a great start!…Read More

REIGN Downloads

The Kingdom of Nain

An ambitious, triple-sized supplement for REIGN Enchiridion, this is a self-contained setting featuring arrogant wizards, mysterious monsters, and downtrodden peasants striking back.

One Roll Spells

A bonus attendant on the funding of the REIGN Enchiridion, this is a one-roll tool for making up odd and idiosyncratic enchantments.

One Roll Spells (Again)

Another Enchiridion premium, this lets you mill out monsters and mysterious beasts with capricious abandon.

REIGN Errata

Nothing in this world is perfect, and that’s particularly true of a book that has the note “See page 98” on page 98. Thanks to the vigilance of the fan community, a number of mistakes, contradictions and plain ol’ perplexities have been spotted in REIGN, and in the file above, they’re addressed.

The First Year of Our REIGN

The first six supplements, complied into one integrated file.

The Second Year of Our REIGN

The second set of supplements, also reorganized and tidily laid out.

The Third Year of Our REIGN

The most recent supplements, in one full-color PDF.

REIGN Supplement 1

Assets, Martial Path: Black Thirst, One-Roll Companies, One-Roll Imperials and creepy shadow warlocks for your REIGN game.

REIGN Supplement 2

People of the Blade adds details to two of Heluso’s most warlike cultures — Dindavara and the Western Marches.

REIGN Supplement 3

Secrets of Sorcery shows exactly how to build your own spells and schools from the ground up. Also, there are giant insects, miniature elephants and surprisingly useful rats.

REIGN Supplement 4

A discussion of Ob-lob culture, values, religion and habits — Two sets of their martial secrets, both for unarmed fighting and for using wickedly sharp ‘hell hooks.’ — Aqueous Divination, a system of magical fortune-telling, along with discussion of just how to handle foreknowledge in your game — One-Roll Ob-lob character generation.

REIGN Supplement 5

This REIGN supplement fleshes out the continent of Milonda, specifically itsRuhini Desert. It’s home to eye-eating immortal oligarchs, religious prudes living side-by-side with lewd criminals, alligators, wind boats, incense and the world’s most effective magical healing. Have fun.

REIGN Supplement 6

I polled the fans about the order in which they wanted to se e some of my completed material, and the result was Supplement Six. New Advantages, new Esoteric Disciplines (including at least one for every Skill that lacked one in the main rule book) and riding mounts based on the Cambrian super-predatorAnomalocaris.

REIGN Supplement 7

More feedback from fans indicated that one-roll Ulds and Truils should find a home in Supplement 7. Also included: Unit-based tactical combat and an adorable little short story. There’s been discussion about port cities in REIGN’s unusually-shaped setting continents. Since I’m just now starting a game based around a boat, I’ve created some handouts for my players, which I’m also putting here. Remember, I’m a writer, not an artist: Judge accordingly.

Muhulc, a city in Opetka.

Darkport, the northernmost Confederate port of consequence.

REIGN Supplement 8

Insight galore about the staid and stuffy citizens of the Maemeck Matriarchy, including their magic-ruining quellers — a group occupying a strange position straddling “really necessary” and “really despised.” Oh, and the Jawless warriors of The Empire.

REIGN Supplement 9

Chock-full of secrets. Shh!

REIGN Supplement 10

Provides not one, not two, but three separate campaign frameworks for REIGN, ranging from roguish scumbags in Uldholm, to Ob-lob pirates, to the people who really run The Empire. As a bonus, those aforementioned rulers come with their own player handouts.

REIGN Supplement 11

Provides a third combat system where, instead of trying to grandstand and seeing if you succeed, you find out how well you succeeded and adjust your grandstanding accordingly. And, if enabling PC show-offs is insufficient, it also has the nuts, bolts and cautions of constructing your own Esoteric Discipline paths.

REIGN Supplement 12

Has giant trees, arboreal tribes of bragging heroes, a religion of perpetual self-exaltation, and magic that will burn off your fingers unless you take care.

REIGN Supplement 13

An entirely fresh new setting of born wizards, fairy-tale monsters, and the sinister enchantment arising from the love of power.

REIGN Supplement 14

Another mini-setting, this time examining fantasy races like elves and orcs from a firm basis in fantasy genetics. It comes with its own handy breeding chart, completely safe for work, of course.

REIGN Supplement 15

The third mini-setting, and it should be familiar because it’s modern day Earth. The only difference is an invasion of telepathic aliens who have no idea how to fight head-blind humanity. It’s entitled Out of the Violent Planet.

REIGN Supplement 16

A grab bag of rules support. Nain, Ardwin and Out of the Violent Planet all get expanded material, but much of it is perfectly adaptable to any REIGN game at all, full stop.

REIGN Company Reference Sheet


REIGN Character Sheets
Original: 8.5″ x 11″
Revised: 8.5″ x 11″ | A4
Revised Character Sheet, with Blank Space: 8.5″ x 11″ | A4