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And Now For Something Completely Different: COMICS

a softer apoc

I have designed games and written novels, but only recently (in The Sleep of Reason) did I get an opportunity to script some sequential narrative, also colloquially known as a ‘comic’. Thanks to the miracle of crowdfunding, I’ve done it again.

A Softer Apocalypse is illustrated by Nick Butler, and as of this writing, the first two pages are up. Many more are to come. God willing, we plan to update it every Tuesday.

A Softer Apocalypse shares a setting with my game eCollapse, which one reviewer described as ‘a middle-class white American horror future that replaces zombies with future-shock, vampires with crushing economic despair, witches with environmental chaos, and werewolves with augmented humanity’, which is pretty fair. The weather is deadly, getting superpowers is like playing Russian Roulette with gritty biotech abilities as a reward for survival, the economy hates you but is too tired to do anything about it, and our protagonists are mostly motivated by revenge.

But wait! There’s more! As the Kickstarter was squeaking along, I promise to write a bonus story if we made it. Today, I deliver. Though there were many compelling suggestions, I ultimately decided to go with a companion piece for the comic. The characters in Special Purpose are unseen in the first 24 pages of the comic, but Brick turns up in the second chapter, assuming it gets funded. Anyhow, you can read about Brick, Heesh and their colleagues at the link above (in PDF) or here in ePub andhere for the Kindle.