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At Last, MASK OF THE OTHER Is On Audiobook!


First and foremost, if you’re unfamiliar with Mask of the Other, you can click this link here and read the sell text. Short version, it’s a Lovecraftian science-horror novel about the wreckage of Saddam Hussein’s occult weapons program, private military companies, and what armies do with enemies they can’t kill.

When I started the Kickstarter to make Mask of the Other into an audiobook, I underestimated how long it would take ACX to check the files and approve them. But all that is in the past now! If you search my name on iTunes, you can find and purchase the full, unabridged audiobook of Mask of the Other, and at least the backers have been loving it.

You can purchase it right now over your internet box at Audible.com, or possibly even get it free by taking a trial membership. (I believe I get a bounty for people who sign up to buy my book as their first purchase, but don’t let that influence you.)