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SINNER is Now Available!


Not only that, but people like it!

The early adopters have gotten their copies, and their responses have been gratifyingly positive. If you have any interest in superheroes, supervillains, or smartass jailbirds trapped in a crazy world they never made, this could be the book for you.

Some SINNER-relevant links include the following:

A lovely in-depth review by Rachel Neumeier is a good first stop if you still aren’t clear on what the novel’s about or 100% sold on it.

Its Amazon page has more reviews and the opportunity to buy it for Kindle.

DriveThruFiction offers it in several formats for the same price.

If you crave the heft of a printed tome, you can order a print-on-demand version through Lulu.com.

There’s also a spiffy hardback, if that’s your preference.

Then, once you buy and read and enjoy it, you can make comments on its goodreads page.

Thanks again to everyone who backed it!