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Heh. See, that’s got a double meaning, because the book’s narrator goes by ‘Sinner’ and a major concern of the plot is whether he’s in jail or out. He’s a supervillain, you see, and he turns himself in, submitting to a cage that couldn’t hold him.

Why does he do this? Is he genuinely penitent or is it part of some sinister master plot? That’s the meat of the story, and thanks to my generous supporters, you can now buy the book and explore the mystery.

You can buy it for Kindle on Amazon. You can get it in several e-book formats at DriveThruFiction. Lulu.com’s print-on-demand service can sell you a softcover or a hardback, depending on your budget and preference. Or you can just read more about it at goodreads or on Rachel Neumeier’s blog.