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The Next Iteration of REIGN

People, it’s happening.

I first released REIGN in 2007, and I can honestly say I didn’t realize where it would go or how. But the material struck a chord, the mechanics found some purchase, and the method of getting paid for it, well… let’s just say that worked well enough that other people started taking the notion seriously.

REIGN has existed as a book, and a constellation of internet files, and a POD book-in-potential, for a decade now. So I think it’s time to compress it, review it, and release it in a new form. Lucky for me, Hal Mangold from Atomic Overmind Press agrees.

Our plan, initially, was to just reprint the books. Maybe rearrange some material to make it flow a little better. Replace the art I did, which now makes me grit my teeth in abject humiliation. We’d give it a coat of paint, release it in a nice two-volume everything set, maybe do a slipcase, cash our checks and pat ourselves on the back.

But a funny thing happened on the way to the bank. As I’ve cut and pasted material into new configurations, I found myself reading it and thinking “Yeah, that’s good, that’s pretty good there Past Greg but… you know, I think Present-Day Greg could do it better.”

So instead of just a haircut and a new shirt, I’m going to go a little deeper. This isn’t changing the foundations of the game or anything, but… I’d be a liar if I didn’t think I could take this game and make it faster, slicker and maybe a little smarter. The effort on REIGN 2018 to date has just been dragging the blocks of stone into place. But I’ll be posting here as I start chiseling them into new shapes.

Got something you loved about REIGN? Something you hate? Something that you always wondered about? Well, now’s the time to speak up. Drop me a line at gregstolze ~@% comcast.net after taking out that percentage sign and the tilde to prove you’re not a filthy robot. I’m very curious what you think.