Hi. My name is Greg Stolze, this is my web page, and I write books.


Hey, so my latest fiction Kickstarter completed! It met its goal and then some! That’s good news.
But… we didn’t quite make it to any of the stretch goals. That’s bad news.
You know what? I feel like I’ve had enough bad news for today, and I also feel like I maybe (1) asked a little too much and (2) gambled on the stretch goals by putting the biggest story as the first. So I’m re-arranging stretch goals after the fact, because we honest-to-God raised enough to free up two of the shorter ones. Call ’em a bonus. Call ’em an adjustment. Call ’em whatever you want, here they are.

One Day There Were Spider Mouths

All those links are to the PDF files directly. Should you want a different format, just slide on over to the fiction library and scroll down, they should be easy to find. Hope you enjoy them enough to share them around, and thanks!