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Fresh New Fiction Is IN THE DARK

Hello, long-suffering Stolze fans. You’ll be glad, I’m sure, to know that another batch of bleak horror fiction is impending for everyone. But as always, the availability to the many depends on those who are willing to step up and support the project. In that spirit, I give you the link to…


Already, The Last C+ Student (a zombie apocalypse story in which the nonviolence somehow makes it even worse) has been covered! We’re in the middle of funding Forgeries and Simulacra, a cat and mouse tale of cops, cultists, and the crucial difference between the misleading and the misunderstood. Look at the updates for teasers of the stories and, if you feel like sharing the link https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gregstolze/in-the-dark-3 on Facebook, that could help me out a lot because I can’t go back there.

Let me point out if the project hits a hundred backers, then every backer gets a podcast of the first story, and that’s a bonus entirely separate from the amount of money raised. So spread the word!