Hi. My name is Greg Stolze, this is my web page, and I write books.


My long-awaited Mythos horror novel, GOD CANCER, is now live on Kickstarter and blasting straight towards completion! You can get it softcover, you can get it in several electronic formats, you can get a code to buy it at cost if you want expedited shipping (or if you’re outside the US and Europe, sadly).

This book is the fusion of At the Mountains of Madness with the nightmarish realities of cancer, seasoned with a heavy dose of Edgar Allan Poe. It’s adventure, it’s medical drama, it’s certainly horror and it has a surprisingly subtle commentary on gender dynamics. (Since much of the horror centers on the body of an ailing billionaire, the commentary on economics is… less subtle.)

You don’t have to take my word for it! Let’s see what Leeman thinks!

If you don’t want to trust a beloved YouTube personality, you can read a preview chapter! Or, if the preview chapter isn’t spooky enough, there’s a brand new second preview! In .doc file if you need to read it that way!

Did it work? Did the previews make you want it? If so, click on through to…


Don’t delay though. Offer’s only good until midnight on Halloween, and after that the price is only going up!