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Ludonarrative Dissidents

Hey, wanna hear me, a charmingly systems-promiscuous GM and a British guy talk about games? If you do, click here now. If you want to know more, read on. It’s OK. You’ll have another chance to click that link.

A few months back, Twitter was talking about Old Gods of Appalachia and how to turn it into a tabletop RPG. Someone suggested me as a designer, someone suggested James Wallis, and we had some fun until it was pointed out that James is from England and I’m from Iowa so there’s no… y’know, Appalachia there.

But in the course of the discussion, there was a rising sense that people wanted to hear James and myself go at it about game design, possibly in podcast format. Who’d want to do the donkey work of audio production for that, though?

Enter “Producer Ross” from RPPR. One brief and successful Kickstarter later, and the Ludonarrative Dissidents podcast was born.

The plan is, every episode we dissect and discuss a game, typically hitting four points:

  • What the game does.
  • How it does that.
  • How people play it.
  • Why they play it that way.

So far we’ve recorded episodes about Apocalypse World, Blades in the Dark, Outlaws of the Water Margin, Lancer and Night’s Black Agents. Those first two are up on Anchor.com for free listening right now, and the rest are in the production pipe. As for what we’ll cover next, that’s up to our Kickstarter backers. Me, I’m rooting for Thousand Year Old Vampire.