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NINKI: Big New Fiction

It’s not quite novel-sized, but I’ve got a new candidate for inclusion in the fiction library, and it’s a sizeable 11,000 word novella. Just right for waiting for your plane at the airport!

You can back it right now on IndieGoGo. But maybe you want a little more information.

Ninki is what I wrote during quarantine while I was wrestling with thoughts about community, and disaster, and how people really react when things go seriously pear-shaped. It’s a high-fantasy magic school narrative–the title character is thirteen and seems fated to a life of menial toil until two things happen.

First, she finds she has an unexpected talent for enchantment and gets a scholarship to become a full-on wizard.

Second, her city, Borzhu, is utterly ruined beyond repair.

But that second thing doesn’t happen in the story! We only get oblique references to it, because I don’t just want to tell the story of one girl. I want to tell the story of the entire cataclysm, and both Ninki the person and Ninki the story are only one part of it. It’s told from after the event, about how things were before the event.

I’d love to release more stories based on the fall of Borzhu, but trust me, this is the perfect first one. Hope, loss, magic and laundry, all tied up with evocative description. Take a look!

If you want to just make up your own mind, here’s a big ol’ teaser of the first pages.

(Oh, also, there are cool linocuts as perks, but they’re not really related to the story. Pretty though!)

P.S. Remember when I said I had other Borzhu stories I wanted to tell? Ninki isn’t even the first one that’s all the way written. Tell the world!