Hi. My name is Greg Stolze, this is my web page, and I write books.

STRANGER LAKE and Other News

It’s been a minute since I updated the ol’ web site here, but I’ve been busy and the news is good.

First off, there’s a new story in the fiction section! It’s called Stranger Lake and I swear the idea seemed horrifying when I first had it, but it just skewed towards comedy more and more as I put words on the page. It’s got an appealing narrator/protagonist who makes bad mistakes and explains things like, “It’s not actually called ‘Stranger Lake,’ of course. Its official name is ‘Strangler Lake.'”

Stranger Lake originally appeared on my Patreon, and it’s free here because the good people there subsidized it. The twist is, they got to read it a year ago. For five bucks there, you get a new story each month, and for ten you get an archive of the last year’s stories–a much better deal now, obviously, than it was a year ago when I started. Also, ten dollar supporters get access to a Discord, and that’s cool.

Finally, check out this graphic.

That’s an unfinished linocut, of the same type I used to make the covers for You: A Fiction and Thank You For Screaming. Though a fun fact about linocut is that it prints mirror imaged. No big deal for the fiction anthology I Dream of Insomnia, which you can tell is getting prepared–I’ll just flip it in layout. But the tangible prints I do as backer rewards when I Kickstart it? Well, I guess I’ll position it as “Own A Piece of Greg’s Stupidity.” The lede I’m busily burying here, of course, is that a new anthology of fiction is on its way.

I’ve also got some news coming on the roleplaying side of things, but that surely deserves its own post when the time is right. Keep your eyes peeled!