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Happy Ash Valentine’s Day!

If I understand correctly, Ash Wednesday and Valentine’s Day are to coincide once more in 2029, and then that’s it for the whole of the twenty-first century. Zounds! How am I, a beloved anti-realist, frequent Christian, uneasy cynic and aspiring romantic celebrating this rare conjunction?

Well, I’m mainly ignoring it. My wife and I have a Valentine’s Day tradition of writing letters to one another and sealing them up for a year, and last year’s had a surprising number of déjàs vu. (“We’re sitting by the fireplace,” “We just saw the campus dance troop,” “I didn’t get into the pottery class I wanted,” and “Hopefully people get REIGN soon” were all uncomfortably accurate.)

But, however you’re celebrating 2/14/2024, I hope you enjoy Mitchcraft. It is not about love or Christianity, it’s about selling art that turns out to maybe be cursed? Probably. Probably cursed.

Meanwhile, over on my Patreon, we’ve got a story about a magician possibly committing mayhem. Literal, to-the-legal-definition mayhem, not just casual floppy metaphorical mayhem. (Look it up! You’re online already!) Or maybe he doesn’t! Either way, I had fun writing it, and I hope you have fun reading it, either on Patreon or, twelve long months from now, here.