Hi. My name is Greg Stolze, this is my web page, and I write books.

The Woods Are Angry, Dark and Deep

This month’s free story is up, and it’s called Dialogue With Fury. Word of warning on this one: While I produce a lot of dark stuff here, this one touches on some particularly evil behaviors, right at the final sentence reveal. It’s a mix of rural Gothic Americana and the ancient Greek avengers of those who harm their kin, so… yeah. An ugly piece of work, but one I’m proud to submit under my name. Just walk with caution, OK?

This story initially appeared on my Patreon, and I’ve just uploaded a story there that basically serves as my hate mail to LLM fiction. It’s called Philo Cornforth and the Great Cosmic Winnowing.

Thanks for your support and interest. If you’re on the Patreon already, double thanks. If you recommend it to a friend, triple. If you aren’t on the Patreon, hey, this is the year I’m hoping to get it to a hundred backers. That sounds reasonable to me, but I can’t do it alone.