Hi. My name is Greg Stolze, this is my web page, and I write books.

It’s a New Short Story!

My fiction’s all over the place here. So, first up: A Pedophile Wrote Your Favorite Song. Can you guess what the trigger warning for this one is? Yeah, it deals with sexual violence, though it does not contain explicit descriptions. It’s also about telepathy and a meditation on who victimizes and who doesn’t.

Also, if you’ve somehow missed me crowing from the rooftops about it, Into Debt Goes Ank, a decidedly more upbeat high fantasy story, is Kickstarting now. As of this writing, two of the cool zines with hand-made covers are still available. But it’s only running for forty more hours…

Finally, if you’re not on the Patreon, please consider it. I’m trying to get to 100 followers by the end of the year, and if I have to tempt you with the Unknown Armies-based story Mick and the Crow Girl, well, that’s what I just added today. Thanks!

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