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NomadsI did the clans section of this, and the fiction, and some other bits. The fiction is okay, but since this was coterminously developed with the main book, there was still some upheaval over how stuff like Predator’s Taint and being staked actually worked. I think it came out all right in the end, but there are still some rough edges. Also, in hindsight, I really wished I’d proposed structuring it like this: First, a discussion of how awful terrible bad dangerous yucky it is to travel outside cities. That could serve anyone’s game, by giving the Storyteller lots of conflict-fodder when the characters decide “We’ll just move to Denver ‘til the heat dies down”. Then, after that, you give all the strategies that experienced nomads use to avoid that crap, and then the clan and covenant-specific stuff. But oh well. Hindsight is 20/20.

My other regret about Nomads is that my bloodline of traveling Daeva megalomaniacs (the Asnâm) got cut out, but maybe I can recycle them into the Circle of the Crone book.