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VIIFrom the way Will Hindmarch powered-down Praestantia and Ahranite Sorcery, I’m getting the impression that I should rein myself in when I write up funky powers. From my perspective, Praestantia should be a little more buff than it is, but I’ll survive.

Party of me wishes I’d gotten my chance to write up two lost clans who fused themselves with desperate spirits. The idea there was that there are only something like 500 Sevenites globally, and they can’t Embrace another until one of their current number has been killed. However, whenever a Sevenite is killed, his memories and spirit and personality aren’t lost. They just impose themselves on the person who gets a Sevenite embrace. Thus, those 500 Sevenites have all been killed and reincarnated, with their complete memories and skills, dozens of times. The only way to permanently put one down is diablerie, which is a touch job since they can usually kill themselves before the diablerist can get the job done.

It’s a neat notion, since you keep killing this guy without getting rid of him, but maybe the origin story was a little twee. The Gomorrah and Irem narrative was plenty of fun too.