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Wildest Dreams

Wildest DreamsMe, John Tynes and Robin Laws collaborating on a supplement about supernatural drug pushers with a product called Nightmare. What could be better, right?

The problem was, we all approached it from different angles. Tynes was easy to work with and quite willing to alter his part to fit with the rest. Robin and I, however, just did not see eye to eye and had a hell of a time getting our ideas to click together. It’s funny. I like Robin — he’s a great guy, good sense of humor, easy to be around. I like Robin’s work — he’s a giant in the field and I’ve had a splendid time playing and writing for his games. But in all honesty, every time I’ve had to work closely with him it’s left me gritting my teeth.

I think it comes down to approach. I’m not sure, because those unpleasant work situations (and let me stress, this was not yelling and sniping unpleasantness, but just finding the sensation disagreeable) are pretty far back in the past and there’s been a lot of water under the bridge. But I suspect we come at design differently.

Or maybe it’s just that we each were passionately attached to our ideas and didn’t want to have to compromise. In the end, of course, we did.