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Fight Like A Fop! (Or just read new stories.)

Fight Like A Fop! (Or just read new stories.)

This really, maybe should have been two posts, but fickle fate conspired to let me launch one project just as another completes. So let’s do one big newsflash with two headlines. Dueling Fops of Vindamere is Live on Kickstarter! I’ve been waiting for this one a long time. My newest game is a Crankshaft Constellation…Read More

Hey. Want Some New Stories?

Hey. Want Some New Stories?

2021 is the year I’ve started to suspect that any money I’ve made from fiction has been despite my level of skill at business, and not because of it. But with the help of my fans, I’ve maintained and grown the fiction library on this very website. Now, I’d like to do it again. I…Read More

Free Stuff

Mayfield “The Earth” Baines

Vampire character for the New World of Darkness

Berliner Characters

The PCs for “The Dangers of Fraternization”

The Dangers of Fraternization

A scenario for “A Dirty World” set in partition-era Berlin

How to Play Roleplaying Games
How to Run Roleplaying Games
Meatbot Massacre: Accessories

Some nifty accessories for Meatbot Massacre, including a printable hex map, fold-up paper minis, and preformatted data sheets to keep track of your meatbot’s stats.

Meatbot Massacre

The game that started all this ransom model craziness is still ripe with beefy mayhem.

Executive Decision

Like power? Hate responsibility? Executive Decision is the real-time RPG where you and other cabinet members pursue your own agendas in competition for the Commander-in-Chief’s trust.

Revenge is a dish best served… in Spaaace!

Demo for …in Spaaace!

Shades Of Gray

A free adventure for my Film Noir game A Dirty World. It has drugs, thwarted love, illegitimacy and murder. Standard hard-boiled stuff, really

…in Spaaace!

The exclusively-pdf narrative game of silly sods in starships is, I generally find, rum-soaked.

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