Hi. My name is Greg Stolze, this is my web page, and I write books.

Everybody Loves a Bargain, Right?

Some time ago, I published a book called Dinosaurs…in SPAAACE!

It got some good reviews, I sold some, but (as is natural in a product cycle) eventually shiny new stuff like D&D 5ed came along and people forgot about it. But IPR’s warehouse isn’t infinite, so I’ve decided to activate the Fire Sale option and burn this mother down to the ground.

In other words, you can buy it now for $10.

That’s not ten dollars for a PDF or other form of electronic publishing, you pay that plus shipping and you get the actual book mailed to your home. It’s 146 pages of Elvis, T-Rexes, time travel (because otherwise you obviously couldn’t get them together), alternate history gaming with and without pointy devil beards, grays, the rocketry of the 1950s and some notoriously dirty extraterrestrials. It’s a lightweight game where the resolution mechanic is literally fueled by laughter, and it’s unlikely to ever, ever get any cheaper. You can take a look at the sell page in the old website theme, it’s still pretty relevant and contains a link to the mechanics and to an entirely different setting with fewer beehive hairdos.

Moreover, if you’re a librarian, there’s a special offer. Get in touch with me via my name (gregstolze) at comcast.net and we can talk about you getting a free copy for your high school or public library’s theft-prone Dewey Decimal 793.93 section. While supplies last!