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Million Dollar Soulmate Launches!

I wrote a short game, and you can now buy it for five dollars.

Million Dollar Soulmate is a two-person, no-GM, one-shot tabletop roleplaying game about the promise and hazards of seeking romance. It focuses, heavily, on the ambiguity and uncertainty we all encounter while looking for someone who completes us. The key question looming over it is: Does the soulmate turn the millionaire into a completely better person, or a complete monster?

Players collaboratively craft two people and depict their interactions through three key dates, culminating with the scene where they decide to stay together or break apart. Tellingly, it’s not up to the players to declare whether the relationship is healthy or sick: That’s determined at random for the last scene only. The fun is to craft scenes that read both ways. Only in retrospect do you understand how it was bad or good.

You can get it right now on Itch or DriveThruRPG. Check it out!